The single-use bronchoscope 
with superior suction capacity 
and HD image quality

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PENTAX Medical ONE Pulmo™

The single-use bronchoscope with superior suction capacity and HD image quality

We see three major challenges in bronchoscopy: Reducing the risk of infections, delivering fast, efficient treatments, and having the right bronchoscope available at all times. That's why we developed PENTAX Medical ONE Pulmo™, the single-use bronchoscope helping you overcome these challenges.

High quality care without compromise

The PENTAX Medical ONE Pulmo™ offers sterility with impressive HD visualization, broadening the clinical applications beyond the standard disposable scope. A large working channel provides up to 50 % more suction capacity1) for quick and efficient patient care.

3.0 mm working channel (EB15-S01)

Unparalleled ergonomics

Designed to mimic the ergonomics of a reusable endoscope, the PENTAX Medical ONE Pulmo™ delivers comfortable scope handling and best-in-class tip angulation that requires no change in physician technique. Both maneuverability and device insertion are easy and intuitive, creating a seamless user experience: 

  • Comfortable scope handling
  • Familiar instrument channel inlet position
  • Best-in-class tip angulation2)

Simplified workflows

The sterile-packed scopes are ready to use anytime, anywhere, allowing quicker care delivery to the most vulnerable patients. Single-use scopes eliminate wait times between procedures, simplifying overall workflow and patient throughput.

Strong suction capacity

ONE Pulmo EB15-S01 has a large working channel size of 
3.0 mm3) and provides 50 % more suction capacity1) for quick and efficient patient care.

A large working channel allows space for the adequate suctioning even when the therapeutic devices are in use.

HD visualization

ONE Pulmo’s impressive HD visualization broadens the clinical applications beyond those of a standard single-use scope with:

  • Exposure control
  • Image enhancement (i-scan)
  • Intuitive user interface



Video provided by Prof. Erik van der Heijden, Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen, the Netherlands

PENTAX Medical ONE Pulmo™ has the “clinical-grade” high-resolution image quality. The endoscope feels like a reusable bronchoscope and the large working channel allows for better combined suction and sampling in a slimmer scope.
Prof. Erik van der Heijden, Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen, the Netherlands
Being similar to the PENTAX Medical EB-J10 series regular video bronchoscopes, as far as the ergonomics are concerned, the PENTAX Medical ONE Pulmo™ will finally provide the users of a single-use bronchoscope with the same comfort which is currently guaranteed by the top-level regular video bronchoscopes.
Prof. Rocco Trisolini, Policlinico Universitario Agostino Gemelli, Rome, Italy

System ready to use

PENTAX Medical ONE Pulmo™ delivers impressive HD visualization in a portable system:

ONE Pulmo
High-performance, single-use bronchoscopes, that ideally support your pulmonary care with superior suction capacity and HD image quality.

A portable, battery-powered mobile processor, that follows you easily anytime, anywhere.

A monitor processor plug-in for external monitor connection and LAN connection, charging the battery of ONE-M monitor.

PENTAX Medical ONE Pulmo™ is a registered trademark of HOYA Corporation.

1) The PENTAX Medical ONE Pulmo™ EB15-S01 has more suction capacity compared to scopes of similar outer diameter.
2) EB15-S01 up / down 210° / 180°; EB11-S01 up / down 230° / 210°
3) Min. diameter 2.95 mm